Advanced Google Analytics Training Course

Google Analytics has much more to offer than you might see in the out of box solution.  In this Advanced Google Analytics course you will learn several advanced concepts to take your Google Analytics and Web Analytics to the next level.

Here are some of the thing you will learn

  1. Metrics and Dimensions
  2. Creating Goals
  3. Campaign Tracking
  4. Segmentation
  5. Attributions
  6. Secondary Dimensions
  7. Overview of Google Tag Manager and how to use it for some advanced tracking
  8. Track Events in Google Analytics (non-page view actions)  - Learn example of YouTube video tracking with Google Tag Manager
  9. Cross-Device user tracking
  10. Custom Dimensions
  11. Import offline data such as CRM data into Google Analytics
  12. Calculated Metrics
  13. Custom Metrics
  14. Sub-Domain Tracking - Using Universal Analytics and Google Tag Manager
  15. Cross Domain Tracking - Using Universal Analytics and Google Tag Manager.
  16. Content Grouping
  17. Alerts and Annotations

This course assumes that you have basic understanding of Google Analytics and are familiar with the interface and standard reports.

This course also has a crash course in Google Tag Manager as a lot cool functionality is easily enabled with Google Tag Manager.

You can get this course at

  1. Udemy - Advanced Google Analytics Course
  2. Optizent - Advanced Google Analytics Course

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